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Cactus Club in English Bay is seeking longer hours for the sale of liquor .

The following notice went up this morning on the English Bay Cactus Club

Notice of Intent: Hours of Liquor Sale for Food Primary License

An application has been received by the City of Vancouver from Cactus restaurants Ltd operating as the Cactus Club Café at 1790 Beach Avenue, to change the hours of liquor sales

From 09:00am to midnight 7 days a week to 9:00am to 1:00am Sunday through Thursday and 9:00am to 2:00pm Friday to Saturday.

Residents and owners of business located with a 100 meter radius of the site may comment on this proposal by writing to:

 Licenses and Inspections Department c/o License Coordinator

Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Ave

Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4



Petitions and form letters will not be considered

To endure the consideration of your View, your letter must be received on or before November 7, 2012. Your Names(s) and address must be included. Please note that your comments may be made available to the applicant or City of Vancouver officials where disclosure is necessary to administer the licensing process

WERA in the News: Courier updates on the Cactus Club story

WERA president Christine Ackerman was quoted in the Courier newspaper discussing the Cactus Club exit/bike lane issue (see WERA story here).

An excerpt:

From opening day on March 2, black vinyl ropes were often set up outside the restaurant directing patrons departing on foot straight into a busy two-way bike lane. But as of the past weekend, the ropes were relocated to contain customers to the pavement immediately in front of the restaurant and along the sidewalk parallel to the route used by cyclists. “We’re really happy to hear that. It looks like our letter has had some positive impact,” said Christine Ackermann with the West End Residents Association.

Seaside bike route disrupted by new bistro at English Bay

Congestion and conflict has significantly increased on the Seaside Bike Route since the Cactus Club English Bay Bistro opened. This is disappointing as pedestrians, cyclists and skaters have just endured 16 months of disruption during the construction of the Bistro.

The Bistro entrance furniture directs customers directly onto the Bike Route

The congestion and conflict are a result of a number of factors including:

  • The Cactus Club is directing their customers to line up and exit directly right onto the bike route instead of adjacent to the bike route. Customers are disoriented and often do not recognize they are crossing or walking on the bike route.
  • The loading zone for the Cactus Club is a pull-out from Beach Avenue that is being misused as a valet and passenger drop-off zone. This creates safety issues for both motorists and passengers that are dropped off.
  • Signage is poor and installed from the perspective of motorists. Signage needs to be installed from the perspective of pedestrians, cyclists and the Cactus Club customers that would include pavement treatment and signage.

The Cactus Club English Bay Bistro had clear direction from both the City and Park Board to mitigate any impacts to all users of the Seaside Bike Route. This direction included that the loading bay was not to be used for other purposes, in particular for a valet service.

Valet Parking in the loading zone and with sandwich board obstructing pedestrian area

The Development Permit Approval included a requirement for the Cactus Club to provide a Loading Management Plan that “should commit to use the approved loading so as to not impact traffic, pedestrians and cyclists and solely for it intended loading purpose” and that “the permit holder is to be responsible for all costs related to the installation of the lay-by and all costs related to any sidewalk and bikeway changes necessary for the lay-by installation.”

Why was a passenger zone sign installed when this was prohibited in the Development Permit Approval?


WERA suggests that the City direct the Cactus Club to honour the requirements associated with their Development Permit including:

  • Realign the Bistro Beach Avenue entrance furniture to channel customers along the side of the building instead of directly into the Bike Path
  • Cease using the loading bay for a valet service and to put out traffic cones during non-loading hours to prevent unauthorized passenger drop-offs.

The Park Board and City also needs to further review the signage to ensure it is directed at pedestrians and cyclists. In particular consideration should be given to pavement markings and signage that alert all users that this is a conflict zone. Current signage that designates the loading zone as a passenger zone should be removed to reflect the intention of the approved Development Permit.

The Seaside Bike route in the 1700 – 2000 blocks of Beach Ave will continue to be a source of conflict between pedestrians and cyclists with its current configuration. Perhaps an alternative solution might be to move the route onto the road as a separated two-way facility, but that is a different debate. The Cactus Club knew about the requirement to mitigate impacts to the Seaside Bike Route with the current configuration, including the intended use of the loading bay and they accepted these obligations. As such the Cactus Club should honour their obligations.

Read WERA’s letter to the City: English Bay Bistro – Park Board – May 2012

Also see Price Tags posting on this topic: Cactus Club bike path: More conflict by design



Park Board seeks feedback on “A-Maze-Ing Laughter”

"A-Maze-Ing Laughter" by Yue Minjun, painted bronze, in the snow at Morton Park, English Bay

The Park Board has received an offer from the Vancouver Biennale Foundation to extend the public exhibition of this sculpture for a period of 20 years at no cost to the City, the Board or residents.

As part of the approval process, the Board is doing a public consultation, asking residents if they support the idea.

If you want to participate in the process email the Park Board at pbcomment@vancouver.ca. and give them your feedback. Put “Biennale Consultation” in the subject line.

The deadline is March 16th.