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New washroom in Nelson Park Installed

Great news, the new washroom in Nelson Park has been installed. Potty power works. Thanks to everyone who signed the WERA petition on this issue!

Thanks to all the WERA directors and community allies who advocated for the replacement of this washroom over the years, especially Aaron Jasper and Christine Ackermann and Brent Granby.

Big thanks to the Vancouver Park Board and all the Park Board Commissioners who made this happen, including Trevor Loke, Sarah Blyth, Constance Barnes, Aaron Jasper and Niki Sharma .

Thanks to Spencer Chandra Herbert for sticking with this issue and pushing for it.

It’s wonderful to see a washroom back in the park, a good day for residents of the West End and a big improvement in the public realm in Vancouver.

WERA in the News: XtraWest

WERA President, Christine Ackermann, is quoted in this March 4th XtraWest story about the West End Community Plan process:

“I think it’s important to get involved and engaged with city planning for the West End,” says West End Residents Association (WERA) president Christine Ackermann, who attended the session. “Housing, in particular, is such an important issue. It’s good to have diversity at the table.”

But Ackermann says she is aware of community concerns regarding the planning process.

“I have heard [from the community] that the process is very rushed,” she says. “That doesn’t mean that they’re not doing a good job. It’s just difficult with the timeline. Less time for a community means less outreach to the community.”

Read the article by Shauna Lewis.

WERA in the News: Nelson Park waits for washroom

WERA’s petition and portapotty campaign to raise awareness about the need for a public washroom in Nelson Park was featured in the Georgia Straight, online and in print, on August 23.

“People want it [a washroom],” WERA president Christine Ackermann told the Straight, noting that more than 500 people have signed the petition (which is available online here).

Link to the Georgia Straight article: www.straight.com/article-761541/vancouver/nelson-park-waits-washroom

West Enders demand public washroom in Nelson Park

WERA Porta-potty at Nelson Park
The WERA porta-potty at Nelson Park. West Enders want a permanent, public washroom in the park.

For the first time in five years, there was a toilet in Nelson Park today.

Unfortunately, the toilet, a port-a-potty rented by the West End Residents Association, was only there temporarily, part of a campaign to raise public awareness that the popular park has been without a public washroom since the park was re-landscaped in 2007.

More than 100 West Enders signed WERA’s petition calling on the Park Board to install a permanent public washroom in Nelson Park. The petition can still be signed online at the WERA website (www.wera.bc.ca).

WERA president Christine Ackermann said a permanent washroom is needed by all the park users, including children, seniors, strollers, dog owners and vendors and customers of the weekly West End Farmers Market.

She said the petition will be delivered to the Park Board, in the hope that the Board will expedite installation of a washroom in Nelson Park.

WERA in the News: City Hall eyes online rental database

WERA president Christine Ackermann was quoted in a Vancouver Courier story about the City’s plans to create an online rental database. Ackermann was also interviewed by other media outlets, including CKNW. According to the Courier story:

COPE, which lacks a representative on council, and the West End Residents Association want the database to include licensed secondary suites so tenants know whether their suites are legal and fire safe. Christine Ackermann, president of WERA, noted the B.C. Apartment Owners and Managers Association support a database that includes secondary suites. WERA wants tenants to be able to see if their landlords have applied for any development or work permits. “Because those are the tools that landlords use to evict tenants,” Ackermann said. Continue reading

St. Paul’s gets funds for repairs, WERA calls for rebuild

Source: News1130

More than $17 million will be spent to repair electrical systems and elevators at aging hospital following power outages


Shane Bigham  Sep 22, 2011 15:00:09 PM



VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – St. Paul’s Hospital is getting millions of dollars to make some critical repairs. The money will be used to replace aging electrical systems at the hospital, and fix the elevators.

The provincial government today committed 17.2 million dollars for these repairs. 12.5 million will be spent on electrical upgrades including generators, transformers, automatic transfer switches, switchgears and other critical electrical components. This money is on top of the million that was already spent this year, following a massive power failure at the hospital in February.

4.7 million will be spent on the hospital’s aging elevators. Patients and staff have complained about elevators that are slow and frequently out-of-order.

Dianne Doyle with Providence Health Care says the repairs should have only a minimal impact on the work that goes on at the St. Paul’s.

“There may be some minor inconveniences related to the elevators. Aside from that, no impact.”

There are critics. West End NDP MLA Spencer Chandra-Herbert calls today’s funding announcement by the government a ‘band-aid solution.’ He’s concerned about what will happen in the event of an earthquake.

Continue reading

WERA in the News: Fireworks, Pride and a Community Plan

WERA has been in the news lately, thanks to the upcoming Festival of Light and Pride Parade and a new community planning process for the West End.

WERA president Christine Ackermann was quoted on CBC, asking firework spectators to remember they are gathering in a residential neighbourhood when they head out to watch the fireworks. The story is available on the CBC website here. She also appeared on the Bill Good Show on CKNW Friday morning discussing whether West Enders are making special fireworks preparations after last month’s Stanley Cup riot. An audio archive of the interview will be available in a few days here.

Ackermann also spoke to Radio Canada television about the Pride Parade and whether or not we still need Pride considering how far gay rights have come in Canada. And recently Xtra! quoted her twice on the news that City council is asking staff to investigate whether staff can work on three community plans concurrently, including one for the West End. Those stories can be found here and here.

WERA in the News: Courier Profile of Christine Ackermann

The December 10 edition of the Vancouver Courier included a profile of WERA’s new president, Christine Ackermann. In the story by Cheryl Rossi, Ackermann says “affordable housing is always going to be number one on my list, as well as renters’ rights, especially in light of the news that came out on the weekend about the Seafield [apartment evictions],” she said. “…Because I identify as a lesbian, I’m definitely going to be looking at doing a little bit more work with the gay community in the West End.”

The profile can be found here.

WERA in the News

Lesbian new WERA president

HOUSING / Wants greater presence in gay community

Shauna Lewis / Vancouver / Friday, November 19, 2010

The West End Residents Association (WERA) will be more involved in the gay community, says the group’s new lesbian president.

Longtime renters’ rights advocate and WERA director, Christine Ackermann, replaced Brent Granby as the housing association’s president at the group’s Nov 16 annual general meeting.

“I’m super excited to be WERA president. I think Brent had done some wonderful things for WERA and I look forward to continuing on,” Ackermann says. “I identify as lesbian and it’s always been men as president,” she adds.

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WERA elects Christine Ackermann as president

Nov. 16, 2010 – Christine Ackermann was elected president at tonight’s WERA’s Annual General Meeting. Christine has been a director of WERA since Jan 2009 and a member since April 2008. She is the first female and first gay president of WERA.

WERA extends a heartfelt thanks to Brent Granby for his passion, dedication, and service to the West End Community over the last four years as president.

brent granby mandala
Brent Granby starts the WERA mandala at Car Free Day 2010

“It’s been an exciting time to be the spokesperson for WERA. I think we accomplished a lot. There are still many challenges to be faced and I’m happy that Christine Ackermann is taking over. I have a lot of confidence in her ability to be spokesperson and to lead the group. I look forward to continuing on as director and supporting Christine in her new role,” says Brent.

WERA also gives thanks to outgoing director, Jonathan Chapnick, and welcomes new director, Aman Bains.

A complete list of  the current WERA board can be found here.