About WERA

The West End Residents Association (WERA) is a collective of community based activists seeking to improve and maintain quality of life for West End residents of Vancouver. WERA aims to celebrate and encourage community voice, responsibility and empowerment, through education and advocacy. We believe that addressing issues of social equity and environmental sustainability will benefit everyone in the community.

Among the issues that WERA addresses are transportation, community gardens, housing, pedestrian safety, and parks and recreation. If you’re interested, and would like to get involved in any of these areas, let us know.

The West End Residents Association is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia.

Officers of the West End Residents Association are:

Christine Ackermann (president)

Christine Ackermann

Christine Ackermann is a community organizer and activist who has lived in the West End since 1993. In 2008, Christine organized 11 tenants in her building (The Glenmore, April 2008) to successfully fight a mass eviction for renovations. Her renoviction experience has taught her to appreciate the West End’s active, well-connected, supportive, and diverse community. Christine is a passionate and dedicated volunteer advocate for tenants rights in BC. She can often be found cycling and juggling in Stanley Park.

Christine’s interests and activities with WERA are in centered in renters rights and affordable housing. Her broader interests include electoral reform, GLBTTQ issues, public transit & cycling, environmental, and social justice issues. She hopes to engage and motivate people to become active in the political process. Christine is a former spokesperson and volunteer with Renters At Risk and was a member of the Mayors West End Community Advisory Committee.


John Whistler (secretary-treasurer)

John Whistler

John Whistler is one of WERA’s founding Directors and has interests in transportation, energy, social justice and environmental issues. John’s activities with WERA have focused on advocating for re-orienting West End streets to favour pedestrians, cyclists, other non-motorized users and public transit.

John is also a Director of Pedal which has a mission to encourage people to use bicycles. Pedal believes the bicycle empowers people to reduce their negative environmental impacts on the planet, in a way that improves their personal quality of life and the quality of life of their local community. Previously,John has served as a Director of Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), which has a focus on urban environmental issues, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation Association (BEST) which promotes sustainable transportation and other non-governmental organizations. John works part time managing contracts for materials and services for Spectra Energy’s Western Canadian operations.

John is a third-generation Vancouverite, has lived in the West End since 1980 and loves its vitality and energy. To relax, he likes to skate on the seawall, smell the ocean and trees in Stanley Park and to vacation by bicycle.


Sukhi Kambo (director)

Sukhi’s love for living in Vancouver’s West End is directly related to the active energy that comes with living near an ocean bordered by a luxurious mountain side. Her main interests lie in the pursuit to use health and wellness as a means for preventative medicine. She supports health promoting programs in Vancouver and would like to encourage and see more programs which support and address the common risk factors for non communicable diseases.

Currently Sukhi works as a Kinesiologist in Cardiac Rehabilitation and as a Cardiology Technologist. She is currently in the process of developing a primary risk factor screening program for the prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and thyroid problems.

Associate Directors:

  • Aerlyn Weissman (West End Social Mapping project, West End Community Plan)
  • Brent Granby (bikes.community, Save St. Paul’s)
  • Terry Lavender (webmaster)