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Downtown Bus Service Review Open House

The Downtown Vancouver Local Bus Service Review is a joint initiative of the City of Vancouver and TransLink. The objective of the review is to develop a near term (one- to five-year) vision for the bus network in the downtown core.

Attend the Downtown Local Bus Service Review open house and learn more about this project, talk with the study team and share your thoughts on how to improve bus service in downtown Vancouver.

June 22, 2013 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at Barclay Manor (1447 Barclay St)


Public Walk: Comox-Helmcken Greenway June 29

The City is accepting feedback on the road construction of the long-awaited Comox-Helmcken Greenway.

WERA is hosting a public walk of the Greenway on June 29th. We’ll get started at 11:00 am from the corner of Comox & Chilco. A City Engineer will join us to answer our questions about the construction efforts. Everyone is welcome!

Greenway Walk poster

City of Vancouver seek applicants for committees

Happy New Year 2012! 

Maybe you’ve resolved to get more involved in civic life?

If so, consider applying to volunteer on a city committee. The City opened the application process today.

A new committee this year is the Active Transportation Advisory Committee. This committee used to be called the Bicycle Advisory Committee, and will now have a greater focus on all active modes: walking, cycling, etc.  Council asked staff to report back in 2012 on pedestrian safety & accessibility, so that makes this a great time to volunteer on this committee (if that’s your interest).

The deadline for applications is January 22nd. 


# 19 bus is coming to the West End, but just for a day

Walking to Georgia Street to catch the # 19 bus is one of the best kept secrets in the West End for getting downtown fast. Now it is going to get better as the # 19 bus is going to turn on Denman, head down Robson and then go back on to Pender from Robson. Unfortunately, it’s only for one day, Labour Day.

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End-to-end service returns to Robson Street

Improved connections between West End and Downtown

Media release from Translink:

A bus route altered prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics will return to its original design as of Monday, September 5, as the #5 Robson/Downtown and N6 Davie NightBus resume service along Robson between Seymour and Burrard Streets.

During the Olympics, Robson Square was turned into a pedestrian gathering place, and this was followed by the Robson Square Mound Rehabilitation Project. The intention has always been to resume bus service through that stretch.

Running the #5 and N6 end to end will enable West End residents, many of whom are seniors, to connect more readily with the downtown core and transfer to other services such as north-south bus routes and all three SkyTrain lines (at Vancouver City Centre and Granville Stations). (Regular users of the #5 who are accustomed to transferring to and from SkyTrain at Burrard Station should be aware that it will no longer stop there.)

This change to the #5 route will bring service that is more direct; but it will not mean a change in frequency: the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation is currently deliberating a proposal to increase the funding available to TransLink to allow for the addition of more service hours. In the mean time, TransLink’s Service Optimization Initiative is re-allocating resources from under-performing routes towards routes and times of day that are under-served in order to provide more service within the same “envelope”. Public meetings will be held around Metro Vancouver, with an opportunity to learn about the budget supplement and the projects it would provide and discuss it with TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis. They will be held:

Wed. Sept. 7, Lonsdale Quay Hotel, North Vancouver, 6:30-8:30 pm

Thurs. Sept. 8, Holiday Inn Metrotown, Burnaby, 6:30-8:30 pm

Wed. Sept. 14, Guildford Recreation Centre, Surrey, 6:30-8:30 pm

Thurs. Sept. 15, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, 6:30-8:30 pm

For more details, please visitTranslink info

Car-free building: would it work in the West End?

Recently, on Car Free Day (June 19, 2011), WERA asked residents whether or not they would support the following scenario:

Would you rent or buy a suite in a building with no parking other than 9 car-share spots and 315 bicycle spaces?

We came to this question by the way of an article about just such a building in Toronto. In October 2009, Toronto City Council approved this car-free building on University Ave.

WERA is behind the idea of having buildings built for a green future – withonly parking spots for car-share, and incorporating innovative and effective bicycle storage. While we realize this scenario is not for everyone, we believe there is an appetite for this type of building in our community. Also, think about how we could re-direct the savings to create affordable housing. It can cost a developer up to $50,000 to build one parking spot. Imagine if that money was put towards keeping rents low in a percentage of the suites, or building suites specifically for seniors and low-income renters. Surely Vancouver is ready for one of these buildings in our West End?

Here’s what the community had to say on Car Free Day.

(Please add to the mix and leave your own comments below.)

  • More for bike parking – it’ll get us moving physically better
  • Yes, but a West End street park pass
  • Not if it was in a Hollyburn building
  • Yes – if my lifestyle was one that I’d not require a vehicle as long as I am child-free, I can be car-free!
  • Yes if you do have family with kids but if you are living by yourself in downtown it should be fine because everything is close.
  • Absolutely! I bike everywhere :)
  • I might consider it if the cost advantages are passed on to me
  • Yes! When it saves cost to rent or buy!
  • Absolutely!!! Park on the surrounding streets or join a car co-op or better still ride a bike. :)
  • Yes, I don’t have parking now!
  • Great idea! Go for it!
  • No – I don’t have a car but have family and friends who do. Also I own and no parking is bad for resale
  • No – I have friends and relatives who come to visit from all over. In many cases car is the only transportation option.
  • Yes to rent. Transit makes the city accessible. But if I wanted to own, I would want a car & parking. By then I would have a family and need the extra mobility.
  • No – even though I do not have a car our parkign spot is where our bikes are securely stored, where we park the co-op car (when we use it) and where visitors & friends park.
  • Yes. If downtown we could cycle everywhere
  • Yes expecially if the money saved could be used for affordable housing
  • Yes, but a street park pass
  • Yes, I do not own a car and walk almost everywhere.
  • No – it seems it would be pushing parking to the streets making it a city issue rather than a developer issue
  • Yes! Great idea!
  • Yes.
  • Yep! Living in the West End means you don’t need a car.
  • Yes!! More bikes less cars!
  • How about scooter parking area?
  • Yes – we need more affordable housing for people not cars.